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Pop Medley & Other Goodies

We have arrived at the next stop on the Road to SEB 200, the Pop Medley to mirror SEB 196's theme of Vitamin Pop. Considering these are pop songs everyone should know, please remember to sing along as you learn these dances~

As usual (nowadays anyways), LQ and HQ versions available. I would suggest the HQ ones if possible, to see the minor details that are in the dances. Please remember that if viewing all feedback, negative or positive, is greatly appreciated as we always want to better ourselves to bring you better vids! Also please remember to always be courteous to each other =3

D~tan is my para para mommy and none of this would be possible without her ♥

Pop Medley
1. Because You Live / Miky MC (Joy)
2. Heaven Is A Place On Earth / Lisa (Star Fire)
3. Mamma Mia / Veronica (SEF)
FLASHBACK TRACK: King & Queen (Classic Mix) / Tora

Danced by Francis & Alex
LQ -
HQ -

Another Night Of Fantasy / Giorga Barrows (Twinstar)
Danced by Francis & Alex
LQ -
HQ -

Kouga Ninpou Chou/ Miyabi (Star Fire)
Danced by Alex
LQ -
HQ -

Catch Fire / Sonic Ray (Star Fire)
Danced by Alex
LQ -
HQ -

Jesse McCartney @ Because You Live:
Belinda Carlisle @ Heaven Is A Place On Earth:
ABBA @ Mamma Mia:
Basilisk opening @ Kouga Ninpou Chou 8D:

Next stop on the Road to SEB 200, King Medley. Look forward to seeing more of Disco NRG in the near future as well ^-^v
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