Rochelle Chan (the_lucky_star) wrote in para_para,
Rochelle Chan

[Routine request] - Love For Sale

I'm really desperate for this, so I thought I'd ask here. Anyone have the routine for "Love For Sale" by Drama? I saw PPA do a little tidbit of it during the PPP6 special, and back then I thought there was no official dance to it. But I told by someone that there is indeed a official routine. I've been wanting to learn this for the longest time... ToT

Thank you very much! <3
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omg same~~~

Max from Para Uk said he would film it for me, but I would also like to see an offical routine.

it seems strange that PPA did routines that weren't on the PPP series:
Sexy Sexy Sexy, Black Magic, Love For Sale, Money For Love I think its called? its also on PP6 special performance (i would like to request a video for this if possible >.<)