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New member here... Been a paralist since the early 2000's.

Having lived in Singapore, I had full access to the Para Para Paradise machines that video game arcades had set up in various locations, and believe me, when it comes to dancing, this is my favourite method of weight loss yet, haha! Lost about 20kg just playing on the machines back in the day.

However, I have moved to the USA since, and I've been clamouring to play again, but I'm hardpressed to find instructional videos, specifically of the tracks from the 2nd Mix (because those were the machines available in Singapore) and I'm so rusty now it's not even funny.

If anyone can link me sites to instructional videos (home made or not) I would be grateful! Thank you in advance.

Also, are the locations of the para machines updated? I know there are NONE whatsoever here in Boise, Idaho. :(

Anyways, let me know, and nice to meet you all! :D
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